In Korean society, the highly regarded methods of making  kimchi, that have passed from generation to generation, are rapidly fading away. Stubborn traditions are gradually giving way to modern progress.  In Korea, kimchi has been made the same way for centuries.  It’s has only been recently, in the late twentieth century, that sophisticated technology has enabled Koreans to greatly improve the way kimchi is fermented and stored.   In the past, kimchi was prepared and then stored and preserved in clay pots buried in the ground. Due to a lack of refrigeration, the ground provided the perfect conditions for fermenting and preserving kimchi for long periods of time.

Although some traditional Koreans continue to make and store kimchi entombed in clay vessels buried in the cool earth, modern Korean society has fallen in love with a revolutionary new appliance called the kimchi refrigerator. Introduced in Korea in 1995 by a company called WiniaMando, the Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator was designed to mimic the exact conditions of the clay “kimchi crocks” resting in the ground. The company was so successful at precisely duplicating those conditions, today the word Dimchae has become synonymous with kimchi refrigerator.

Dimchae 180 Liter Kimchi Refrigerator

Dimchae 180 Liter Kimchi Refrigerator

Sales of the Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerators were modest at first. WiniaMando sold 5,000 units in their first year of production. As positive word of mouth spread about these wonderful new appliances, housewives began pooling their money into groups, eventually purchasing a new kimchi refrigerator for each member’s household. Refrigerators were flying out of appliance stores and department stores and warehouses had trouble keeping up with demand. Millions were sold.

WiniaMando was the first to market with the Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator and after viewing their tremendous success, many large conglomerates such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics rushed in to join the competition. Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerators still remain one of the most popular brands in Korea today. In a future post, I’ll review the Samsung Kimchi Refrigerator and the LG Kimchi Refrigerator. However, today I’d like to review the specifications and features of the Dimchae 180 Liter Kimchi Refrigerator.

Dimchae Dual Compartment Kimchi Refrigerator

Dimchae Dual Compartment Kimchi Refrigerator

Dimchae 180 Liter Kimchi Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

The Dimchae 180 Liter Kimchi Refrigerator has dual side-by-side compartments that provide 180 liters of delicious kimchi storing capacity. The space saving design has a length of 35.4 inches, a depth of 23.6 inches and a height of 33.5 inches. The power rating is 110 – 115 Volts.

Product Features:

  • Fermentation Science 3G+ is an advanced proprietary algorithm for fermentation that produces the optimum quantity and diversity of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria and essential amino acids. This advanced science produces the freshest and tastiest kimchi in Korea.

  • Maturation Mode by Kimchi Type provides the ideal temperature and optimal moisture settings depending on the kimchi type (radish kimchi / cabbage kimchi / water kimchi).

  • Dual Side-By-Side Compartments with advanced independent direct cooling systems.

  • Kimchi Storage Mode (Weak / Normal / Strong) settings for short, intermediate and long term storage. Your kimchi is always the freshest it can be.

  • Vegetable and Fruit Storage Mode (Weak / Normal / Strong) settings for short, intermediate and long term storage of Vegetables and Fruit. Your fruits and vegetables always taste great!

  • Long Term Storage Mode allows you to maximize and extend the freshness of kimchi by 2 to 3 months. This feature comes in handy when storing large quantities of kimchi.

  • Purchased Kimchi Storage Mode maximizes the freshness and taste of store bought kimchi.

  • Fresh Frozen Storage Mode keeps meats and fish at the lowest possible temperature without freezing hard, preventing freezer burn.

  • Cooling Air Curtain keeps cold air from escaping while preventing warm air from entering the cooling zone when the door is open, thus maintaining the optimal temperature range.

  • Strong Deodorization filters the air inside the dual side-by-side compartments, preventing strong odors from escaping.

  • EZ Clean Mode allows for defrosting with the easy touch of a button. Simplicity at it’s finest! Defrost, wipe clean and then go enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Maturation Timing displays the remaining time left in the maturation process.

  • Soft Close Doors helps eliminate hand injuries while preventing air fluctuation in the cooling zone. Prevents fast closing doors from pushing outside air into the cooling compartments.

  • External Temperature Compensation Mode maintains a steady internal temperature within the dual cooling compartments, even if the outside temperature is fluctuating. Ideal for locations such as a garage, basement or porch.

  • Power Failure Compensation Mode in the event of a power failure, restores the previous settings when the power is restored. Never lose track of where you are in the fermentation or maturation process.

  • Low Noise Digital Electronics for smooth quiet operation. Your kitchen remains peaceful and noise free.

  • Lock/Unlock Function prevents accidental changing of desired settings. Great for homes with small children.

  • Self Diagnosis Mode alerts the owner by sounding an alarm when maintenance is required.

  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant keeps the environment clean while helping maintain the ozone layer.

  • Custom Freshness Container by Dimchae with a transparent design for viewing the delicious kimchi inside. Comes with an airtight lid that seals in freshness and taste.